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Jacob Morgan: The New Collaborative Workplace

5 Things You Need to Know to Succeed
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OnDemand Recording

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In this session, Jacob Morgan, principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group and Forbes.com contributor, explores the future of work and how the new workplace is changing (from technologies to behaviors and expectations) to help make sure you have the skills to adapt and succeed at work. 

  • Why you need basic project management skills and how to improve them
  • The importance of leadership skills in today's workplace
  • How to flex to more flexible work environments
  • How you manage your projects and process matters more than ever
  • Keys to sharing data and information effectively 

Following Jacob’s presentation, Kirk Trachy, business productivity consultant from Intuit, explaines how you can implement some of the ideas Jacob shares within a collaboration tool like QuickBase to improve the way you and your team get work done to meet these new challenges.