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QuickBase Exchange Live Demo:
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Featuring: Notifications, Tasks, Subscriptions & Reminders
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Admit it, you've probably missed a deadline recently or forgot to update the status of a project.  You might even struggle with keeping track of what tasks you've been assigned or when they're due; calendar reminders and post-its don't always do the trick.


Join me, Benjamin Buday, QuickBase Sales Engineer for a demo of team collaboration functions.  I'll show you how you can utilize predecessor tasks, notifications, subscriptions and reminders to better organize your projects and stay on task.


By attending, you'll learn how to use the following features:

  • Predecessor Tasks - Tasks in a project usually occur in a specific order.  Learn how to use "project finish date" to automatically become the "start date" of a successor task
  • Notifications - Notifications help you track who on your team is doing what and when.  QuickBase can automatically notify you and your users when information in a record has changed, been added, or deleted
  • Subscriptions - Automatically email reports on a periodic basis.  Choose from daily, weekly, monthly or custom date range to send sales reports or open task reports to your manager.
  • Reminders - QuickBase sends email reminders to you or your team via a customized date.  Send someone a reminder a day before something is due or an overdue reminder the day after.

 What QuickBase users say about notification features:

The e-mail notifications and the subscription functionality are outstanding. If there is a project that starts slipping, I've got triggers that deliver notifications before problems can escalate and impact deadlines or billings" - C.O.O. algo+rhythm