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How Small Teams Manage Complex Projects with QuickBase

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Does your small team or company manage big projects?
Being a small business and trying to manage growth and scalability is a constant challenge.

Ingredient Identity, a 10-person regulatory management consulting firm for the Dietary Supplement Industry was struggling to manage projects with their clients effectively and efficiently. Lack of visibility into completed tasks and project status was a constant concern.

Hear from Brandon Griffin, CEO of Ingredient Identity as he shows you how his team uses QuickBase to increase transparency into workflows and project management.

You'll learn how Ingredient Identity:
  • Uses role assignment to allow permission for clients to see project progress
  • Assign tasks and notifications to increase collaboration among his 10 person team  
  • Elimintated spreadsheet dependencies to scale process efficiencies 

About Brandon Griffin, CEO Ingredient Identity

Brandon leads Ingredient Identity with a core focus on growth, innovation, team development and guidance for the overall effectiveness of each division and service offering.  Over the last 15 years, he has been an investor, consultant and/or appointed board member for numerous manufactorers, laboratories and innovative start-ups throughout the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement industries globally. Brandon holds a B.Sc. degree in Genetics & Plant Biology from U.C. Berkeley.