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Getting Things Done: The Natural Planning Model

The GTD Way of Effectively Planning Projects for Success
On Demand Recording

OnDemand Recording

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MikeWilliams_CEO_David_Allen_CompanyDavid Allen says, regardless of task size, the human brain goes through what he calls a Natural Planning Model. These are five phases our brain works through when accomplishing tasks and we should use this natural model when planning projects.

In fact, the natural way our minds plan, when applied to individual and group projects, can greatly enhance personal and organizational productivity. When the “natural” model of planning is used, individuals gain a tremendous sense of creative productivity and groups experience the kind of teamwork which is becoming the hallmark of the “new” organizations-flexible, adaptive, fast, innovative, effective and fun.

In this free Webinar brought to you by QuickBase and David Allen Company, Mike Williams, CEO, David Allen Company, discussed GTD - The Natural Planning Model.

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